Friday, August 15, 2014

What To Wear To A Family Photo Shoot

This article tells it simply on what is best to wear for your next family photo session.  Trust us, it makes a huge difference to your photos!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


     Boudoir photography in its simplest form is about being photographed in your lingerie.
     There are many different forms of boudoir photography from the subtle sexy to the all out artstic nude. It is about celebrating the female form and feeling good in your skin. (It’s also pretty fun having your make up and hair done to look and feel absolutely glamourous!) 
     Most boudoir sessions are a combination of different styles from subtle sexy to a little more racy and even artistic nude (if you dare!). Each boudoir session is tailored to suit the individual and what they feel comfortable wearing and doing.   I want you to enjoy the experience, not feel uncomfortable!!
     So what do you wear to a boudoir session? Well it is completely up to you as to what you feel comfortable in. You can wear your most beautiful lingerie, a gorgeous nightgown, a beautiful tutu or even your partner’s over sized white work shirt.  Accessorise with eye catching jewellery, lots of pearls, some sparkle, a large bracelet, or your favourite piece, it's up to you.

      Boudoir sessions are at my home and studio at Walkerston, where you will be photographed in complete privacy;  just you and me and a bottle of bubbly! 
      Every woman is beautiful in their own unique way and deserve to be pampered, celebrated and have the ability to feel sensual. No matter what size, shape or hair colour I believe that every woman deserves the right to feel beautiful and confident in her own skin. If you aren’t then please have a boudoir session and see how you feel! The experience is an amazing one!
So what are our top 5 reasons for having a boudoir session?
1. A present for your husband to be as a gift on the morning of your wedding
2. Allowing yourself to feel confident and sexy in your own skin
3. Showing off all your expensive lingerie!
4. Immortalising your body at it’s finest!
5. For FUN!